Toys considered the most dangerous products on the European market

Toys considered the most dangerous products on the European market
Toys are the most dangerous product on the European market. Credit: Belga

Toys are the most dangerous category of products available on the European market, the European Rapid Alert System said on Tuesday.

The European Rapid Alert System is a way for Member States to inform each other about potentially defective products.

In 2019, the 31 European countries that have joined the system reported 2,243 dangerous products on their markets. These reports led to 4,477 consecutive actions, such as recall or destruction of the product, which is 10% more than in 2018.

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Toys generated 29% of reports and can therefore be considered the most dangerous product category on the European market, followed by motorised machinery (23%) and household appliances (8%).

In Belgium, a total of 49 notifications were issued in 2019. Toys were also the most-reported category (24%), followed by sports and leisure equipment (18%) and fireworks (16%). The main risks related to the reported products were injuries (19%), burns (18%) and fire (18%).

“We are doing more than ever before to protect consumers from dangerous products and possible damage,” commented EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders.

Since 2005, more than half of the reported products have come from China, one of the largest exporters to the European market.

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