Brexit: 'Trade will no longer run as smoothly'

Brexit: 'Trade will no longer run as smoothly'
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The trade deal between the UK and the EU will have "far-reaching implications for people, businesses and public administrations," according to MEP David McAllister from Germany and member of the EU’s Brexit team.

“Trade between the EU and the UK will not be as smooth as it was in the days of the single market and customs union," McAllister told German Die Welt.

According to McAllister, an agreement on cooperation on foreign policy is also missing. "I was happy that the negotiations also covered the issue of foreign policy and security. But that's not what London wanted," he regretted.

McAllister is nevertheless optimistic about the European Parliament's vote on the deal.

"We have a political responsibility to avoid an unregulated transition and to minimize the negative impact on citizens and businesses." According to the MEP, the agreement could initially enter into force without the consent of the European Parliament. "But this should not set a precedent for future trade agreements."

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