Intra-EU travel: Member States agree on individualised approach

Intra-EU travel: Member States agree on individualised approach
Credit: Pexels/Anna Shvets

The European Union’s recommendations to Member States on intra-EU travel are set to evolve from a territorial approach to an individualised approach based on the health status of the traveller.

The representatives of the EU-27 reached an agreement on Friday morning on the proposal formulated in November by the Commission, diplomatic sources told Belga News Agency.

The ministers in charge of European affairs are expected to endorse the agreement on Tuesday at a meeting in Brussels.

“It moves from an approach based on the (epidemiological) situation in the region of origin, with mapping and colour codes, to an approach based on people,” sources said.

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This means that holders of an EU digital Covid certificate should in principle no longer be subject to additional travel restrictions, such as testing or quarantines, regardless of where they come from in the EU.

However, the text is not binding and countries will still have the possibility to activate additional restrictions in case of an aggravated health situation.

Travellers must comply with the specific rules of each Member State, for example if the country applies restrictions on access to certain activities.

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