Police to ensure minimal security at EU summit

Police to ensure minimal security at EU summit

Police officers will be on strike on Thursday and Friday during the EU summit in Brussels, but a minimum of officers will be in place to ensure the safety of the event and political figures. This minimal service was determined by the competent authorities in collaboration with the police unions. Tuesday's meeting between the police unions and the Minister of the Interior, Jan Jambon (N-VA), failed to reach an agreement on the maintenance of a special retirement system demanded by the police. The call for the strike at the EU summit on October 23rd and 24th was therefore upheld.

Nevertheless, a minimum of police officers will be present to provide security at the EU summit. In collaboration with the trade unions and the various police districts, the Minister of Interior must draft a memorandum specifying the minimum service, including the number of staff absolutely necessary to provide security at this event.

"The memorandum from the Minister should clearly define the essential tasks and the number of officers needed," says Gilles Vincent, president of the SLFP Police. "This minimum service must be precise and operationally feasible. Agents who are not requisitioned to provide security at the event have the right to go on strike."

The Ministry of Interior stated that these security measures have already been decided but does not want to reveal the actual requisition for privacy reasons.

According to Vincent Gilles, the plan of the Minister of Interior has been amended several times and yet still has some ambiguities, including escorts for foreign politicians who will be present in Brussels.

(Source: Belga)

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