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Lots of Europeans still don’t pay fines

More than a year after it came into effect in Belgium, on the 7th of November 2014, the European directive to chase up cross-border driving offences in the EU is still not fully applied. This is according to La Dernière Heure on Wednesday. Today, only French, Dutch, Germans and Luxembourgers (as well as Swiss) will pay a fine for a driving offence committed in Belgium. Drivers in the other 23 EU member States nearly always get away without paying, unless they are caught in the act. This is either because there is no two-way deal with Belgium, or language problems when the fine is sent.

The Mobilty SPF says it is working on a total overhaul of the sending process and the way fines are dealt with to sort out the problem.

The federal police puts the problem in prospective. “Just by prosecuting people from surrounding countries, we can prosecute the majority of European perpetrators”, says the spokesman Michael Jonniaux.

(Source: Belga)