Astana Economic Forum 2015 to Include Nobel Prize-winning Speakers and Discussion of Reviving the Great Silk Road
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Astana Economic Forum 2015 to Include Nobel Prize-winning Speakers and Discussion of Reviving the Great Silk Road

The Astana Economic Forum, Eurasia’s first summit dedicated to resolving global economic issues, will be held on May 21-22, 2015. The main theme of this year’s event, comprising 30 sessions on a variety of subjects and expecting to host over 3,000 delegates from 90 countries, will be “Infrastructure: Driver of Sustainable Economic Growth” (

Key events during the Forum will include:

– A high-level conference on the economic, monetary and financial shifts occurring in the global economy ( Here a panel of heads of government, ministers, representatives of financial institutions and leading experts will discuss the current challenges facing the global economy.

– A number of sessions focused on the theme “The Revival of the Great Silk Road” ( These will look at the potential economic advantages of revitalizing trade links across Eurasia and how to develop mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation between nations.

– An Investment Forum entitled “Invest In Kazakhstan” ( This will present the current investment climate in the Republic of Kazakhstan and introduce the new package of incentives available for foreign investors, aimed at attracting direct investment from overseas in the country’s growing industrial sectors.

– A session entitled “Prospection – The Global Economy of the 21st Century” ( Here speakers will aim to create an “Interactive Map of the World in 2050” based on current predictions of economic trends in the forthcoming decades.

– The Urbanistic Forum ( This will bring together a panel of experts to focus on the concept of the Smart City, discussing innovative approaches to city planning and urban management that will ensure future economic stability.

Global co-organizers and partners include such respected institutions as the UN, OSCE, WEF, IMF, World Bank, UNDP and OECD.

Around 200 VIP speakers will be in attendance (, including prime ministers, members of Parliament, chairmen of financial institutions, heads of international organizations and famous scientists.

Four Nobel Prize laureates have also confirmed their participation: Finn Kydland, Eric Maskin, Thomas Südhof and George Smoot.

Kenneth Rogoff, world-famous American economist and professor at Harvard University, will visit the Forum for the first time. Other notable guests will include world-renowned economist Nouriel Roubini, recognized for predicting the 2008 global financial crisis, and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine Steve Forbes.