EU supports UN’s Global Goals but real work yet to begin

The United Nations delegations in New York agreed on 2 August on the text for a new agenda for global sustainable development over the next 15 years.  The new Sustainable Development Goals will seek to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty, reduce inequality within and among countries, realise gender equality, and take urgent action to combat climate change. 

The 17 Goals will be formally adopted in September at the United Nations General Assembly.

“These new Global Goals are a major landmark in the effort to end extreme poverty by 2030,” says Tamira Gunzburg, director of ONE Brussels, a campaigning and advocacy organisation. “They set out a global contract for a world where nobody lives in hunger or dies of preventable diseases.”

ONE Brussels stresses that the EU, as the world’s largest donor of development aid, has a responsibility to rise to the occasion and make these goals more than just ink on a page.

“The monitoring of the goals needs a sharp focus on accountability, backed by investments in data collection and use so that citizens have the information they need to ensure that leaders keep their promises.”

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