Asylum seekers – First refugees from Germany heading for Brussels

A first bus with 39 migrants from Bavaria (Germany) on board, is expected in Brussels on Friday, reveals Dominique Ernould from the Aliens Office. Hundreds of people were still queuing to register at the Aliens Office on Friday morning. 50 new arrivals were seen to urgently as well as 150 refugee candidates back with a summons. “We are expecting an initial bus carrying migrants from Germany” early in the afternoon, adds Dominique Ernould.

Following a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, Prime Minister Charles Michel agreed to take in 250 refugees currently in Bavaria. “The federal government aims to spread more solidarity at the European level, and Germany is working with us in this cause,” said Charles Michel.

Meanwhile the waiting list at the Aliens Office is getting longer. Over 500 people were asked to come again next week. On Friday, 81 asylum seekers were given notice to come back on Wednesday and 80 t come back on Thursday.

(Source: Belga)

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