GB: Farage, the head of Europhobe party Ukip, calls for the No to Europe camp to unite

Nigel Farage, the head of the British Europhobe party Ukip, called for the Eurosceptic camp to unite, so they could work towards Great Britain leaving the European Union together. He says their goal is within reach.

“We are together, we are united, and the tide has turned. Something is changing, and I think the most important and historic victory of our lives will be ours”, he said. He was addressing members of his party during their annual conference in Doncaster (north of England).

M Farage added that Ukip would campaign under the banner of the coalition movement “Leave.EU”, which brings together organisations that want GB to leave the EU.

His rally call has not been answered by everyone in the party, as it was rejected by the only Ukip MP in Westminster, Douglas Carswell.

Carswell, who left the Conservatives to join the Europhobe party during the last election, is a member of another Eurosceptic group, Business For Britain (BfB), which has refused to join “Leave.EU”.

This refusal led to a dispute between Douglas Carswell and the founder of “Leave.EU”, Aaron Banks, a millionaire and a generous donor to the Ukip party. They argued in the corridor at the conference.

Earlier in the morning, Nigel Farage predicted that the No camp had a 50% chance of winning, equal with the Yes camp, while talking about the referendum on GB’s EU membership. It is expected to take place before the end of 2017.

“Up until now, I thought we had a 33% chance of winning, but now I think it’s more like 50%”.

According to the most recent ICM poll, 43% of Britons will vote for the status quo, 40% will vote to leave the EU, and 17% remain undecided.

Nigel Farage, whose fiery personality has made him unpopular with some Eurosceptics, highlighted the importance of his camp delivering a positive message. This message, he said, is that “GB is a strong country and solid enough to stand on its own two feet.”

(Source: Belga)

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