Attacks in Brussels: Mohammed Amri and Ali Oulkadi may now be returned to France

Attacks in Brussels: Mohammed Amri and Ali Oulkadi may now be returned to France
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A June 16th ruling of the indictment court of Brussels made enforceable the European arrest warrants presented by French judicial authorities for Mohammed Amri (27) and Ali Oulkadi (31), stated Thursday the federal prosecutor’s office. Accused in relation to the investigation on the attacks in Paris, the two men had resisted being transferred to France.

Mohammed Amri was arrested last November 14th together with Hamza Attou. According to their lawyers, the two men were called on the night from the 13th to the 14th of November, 2015, by Salah Abdeslam, who asked them to come to his aid because his car has broken down in Paris. The two men went to Paris and took Abdeslam with them back to Brussels. On the way, they were checked by police three times without being arrested.

Once in Brussels, Mohammed Amri left the vehicle, while Hamza Attou called Ali Oulkadi, a third suspect, to ask him to go to the Bockstael subway station. Oulkadi went for Attou and Abdeslam and accompanied them to a café, where Salah Abdeslam admitted to having been involved in the Paris attacks and said that his brother Brahim had killed himself with explosives. Following this discussion, Oulkadi drove Salah Abdeslam to Schaerbeek.

Mohammed Amri was accused in Belgium of participating in terrorist group activities and of 131 assassinations related to terrorism. At the end of last April, the French justice system issued a European arrest warrant for him and, particularly, for Ali Oulkadi. The French legal system suspects the “fencing” of criminals, but believes that Oulkadi also participated in the activities of a terrorist group, since he had driven Salah Abdeslam to Schaerbeek after having heard from him that he was involved in the attacks. 

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