May sworn in as PM: Europe wants swift negotiations with London

May sworn in as PM: Europe wants swift negotiations with London

The European Union wishes to quickly start negotiations with the UK. Yesterday (Wednesday) the country’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May, took office. Moscow is also hoping to establish “constructive dialogue” with her.

Brexit has “created a new situation to which the UK and the European Union should respond swiftly to. I look forward to (...) learning your intentions on this subject.” Jean-Claude Juncker, the Head of the European Commission, said this in a short letter put out on Twitter.

The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, also urged London to act with haste, “With leaders questions’ being settled, from now I am expecting that we work quickly towards regaining stability.”

Moreover Donald Tusk, the President of the European Conseil, wished for a “fruitful” working relationship, stating his “keenness” to meet Mrs May.

“We cannot have a long period of uncertainty,” the Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, had already confirmed. He considers that in the interests of both parties, the EU as much as the UK, “it would be advisable to clarify the situation.”

The French President, François Hollande, wished for negotiations for the UK to exit the EU "to be undertaken as quickly as possible,” in a telephone conversation with Mrs May. This has come from sources in the Elysée Palace.

In contrast, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that, from her point of view there is a need to pursue "proven amicable relations", said her spokesperson.

The Russian President, Vladimir Poutine, is ready for "constructive dialogue" with Mrs May.

(Source: Belga)

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