Luxembourg calls for excluding Hungary from EU

Luxembourg calls for excluding Hungary from EU
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The head diplomat of Luxemburg, Jean Asselborn, proposed excluding Viktor Orban’s Hungary, at least temporarily, from the European Union, for breaching fundamental democratic rights, in an interview published on Tuesday in Germany. “People like Orban have given the EU an image of daring to defend abroad values that it is not able to uphold within,” the bloc, complained Asselborn in the Die Welt daily only days before the European leaders’ summit in Brastilava on the future of the European project.

“Those who, like Hungary, build fences against war refugees, who violate freedom of the press or the independence of justice, should be temporarily, or even permanently, excluded from the EU,” he added. “It is the only way to preserve the cohesion of values within the European Union,” was the opinion of the Luxemburg minister, considering that the EU “cannot tolerate behaviour,” such as that of the government of the Hungarian Prime Minister.

This possibility of exclusion for breach of fundamental values of the bloc is contemplated in European treaties, but requires unanimity on the part of the Member States, which makes its application very difficult.

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