Hollande hopes for rapid resolution of CETA issue

Hollande hopes for rapid resolution of CETA issue

French President François Holland said on Friday that he hoped for a speedy solution in the talks with Belgium’s Walloon Region on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union Hollande indicated that he would make sure Wallonia’s Prime Minister, Paul Magnatte, obtains all the clarifications that would enable him to take a position in parliament.

Magnette has called for “clarifications on the question of arbitration and there could be a declaration that provides an interpretation of what is to be understood by arbitration jurisdiction”, Holland said, adding that “it’s possible to find a compromise that would be acceptable to all and for Canada, too, to make every effort to clarify ambiguities that could remain”.

According to the French President, CETA illustrates the balance between the openness Europe needs to look for and the principles it needs to assert.

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