EU’s principal challenges are immigration and terrorism

EU’s principal challenges are immigration and terrorism
The main challenges within the EU are immigration and terrorism.© Belga

Immigration and terrorism are considered the most important issues by EU citizens. This emerges from a Eurobarometer published today (Thursday) by the European Commission. Immigration remains the leading problem faced by the EU, of those most frequently cited (with a figure of 45%, an increase of 3 percentage points since spring 2016).

Terrorism (32%, a comparative increase since the spring 2016 of 7 percentage points) is the second most frequently cited factor.

Terrorism ranks well above the economic situation (20%, with a comparable increase of +1%), the position of member states’ public finances (17%, again with an increase of +1%) and unemployment (16%, also with an increase of +1).

Immigration is the prime concern at EU level in all member states, except for Spain and Portugal.

The Eurobarometer survey is based on individual interviews carried out between November 3rd and 16th. A total of 32,896 individuals were questioned in both EU member states and candidate countries.

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