Three quarters of young Europeans believe that society is enriched by immigration

Three quarters of young Europeans believe that society is enriched by immigration
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While populism and nationalism are gaining ground throughout the world, European youth tend to want to open their arms to immigration. Indeed, 73% of young adults believe that society is enriched by immigration, it was determined on Tuesday based upon the “Generation what” survey of the European Broadcasting Union.

The survey, conducted by public television stations in 14 countries, including Belgium (RTBF and VRT), questioned nearly one million Europeans between the ages of 18 and 34. According to the results, the Y generation of the Old Continent wants to be more open than the authorities that govern it. Nearly one-third of respondents, for example, would welcome all refugees, regardless of their reasons for leaving their countries. Another third would open borders to refugees whose countries of origin are at war.

In their majority, young Europeans are not very nationalistic, with 60% saying they are not ready to commit to defend their country. Rather, they are interested in politics. Although 82% say they no longer have confidence in the political system, 69% say they want to exercise their right to vote and would be unhappy if they were deprived of it. Faith in the political class is indeed at its lowest and nine out of ten young people think that the elected, or at least some of them, are corrupt. The mistrust also extends to the media, with 80% of respondents believing that the media is not reliable.

The European Union does not strongly federate young people either. Fewer than one in two have confidence in their institutions. Nevertheless, the idea of ??following the example of Brexit should not be exaggerated; 76% of young Europeans want their own countries to remain in the EU.

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