MEPs to discuss civil rights in Moldova

MEPs to discuss civil rights in Moldova
Ilan Shor, Mayor of Orhei.

A roundtable discussion titled “Civil rights violation of the elected Moldovan mayor and political party leader – Ilan Shor” is slated to be held at the European Parliament in Strasburg on June 14. Moldova, the poorest country in the Eastern Partnership region, is reportedly being torn apart by geopolitical discords. Citizens of Moldova are European champions on filing applications to the European Court of Human Rights for civil rights violations.

The MEPs will discuss the current situation. Ilan Shor, mayor of the town Orhei, 42 km north of the capital Chişinău, has been under house arrest since 22 June. It will soon be a year since he was ordered to remain in his home.

In an interview in 2015, the BBC asked Shor about a leaked report that suggests he was the prime co-ordinator and beneficiary of a complex web of transactions that pushed three leading banks to the verge of collapse. Shor denied responsibility for the financial catastrophe.

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