The anti-Brexit movements launch a joint platform

The anti-Brexit movements launch a joint platform

The British anti-Brexit movements launched a joint platform, the Grassroots Coordinating Group (GCG,) on Friday. The aim is to coordinate their efforts to influence the Brexit negotiations with Brussels, or even to achieve a new vote.

The different organisations represent a total of 500,000 people and several MPs. They want the British people to have their say on the exit agreement before the UK’s official departure from the EU in March 2019.

“As the people started this process with the referendum vote on the 23rd of June 2016, they must also decide how it ends and whether we actually leave or not”, Labour MP and GCG President Chuka Umunna told the AFP.

London and Brussels reached a preliminary agreement on the “divorce” in December. That began this year’s phase of negotiations on the post-Brexit transition period and the future relationship between the two parties.

Chuka Umunna thinks the negotiations will not ensure the UK gets the “same economic advantages as being in the EU”. He said “I think people are starting to wonder if it will be as easy as they were led to believe” during the referendum campaign.    

Around 47% of British people think it would be good to have the final say on Brexit when the final terms of the agreement with Brussels have been decided. 34% are against it, according to an ICM poll for the Guardian.

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