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Portuguese cork oak crowned “European tree of the year”

The oak tree was planted in in 1783 in Águas de Moura. It is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as "the largest cork oak in the world".

A 200-year-old Portuguese cork oak was crowned “European tree of the year” during an official ceremony held in Brussels Tuesday evening. The largest Linden tree in Belgium, rooted in Bioul, in the Namur Province, was also in contention.

The Portuguese tree baptized “Whistling-Cork-Oak” – in allusion to the numerous birds that perch in it every day – obtained 26,606 votes.  On the second step of the podium, the Field Elm presented by Spain (22,323 votes) beat the Russian Oak (21,884 votes), which came third.

This is the first time that Portugal participated in the competition. Planted in 1783, the European tree of the year is also “the largest cork oak in the world,” according to the Guinness World Records.

The largest Linden in Belgium, a 400-year-old tree rooted in Bioul, was also in contention. It finished second last out of the 13 trees registered in the contest.

The Brussels Times