Brussels Amazed by Kunqu Opera

Brussels Amazed by Kunqu Opera

On the evening of 6 July, the 4th China-EU Culture and Art Festival was officially launched at the Vaudeville Theater as another major event of the China-EU Tourism Year. H.E. Ambassador Zhang Ming, Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, spoke highly of the festival which would strengthen cultural ties between the peoples of China and Europe under the framework of China-EU High Level People-to-People Dialogue. He said he was convinced that the Tourism Year will promote China-EU cultural and artistic exchanges to a higher level.


A splendid Kunqu Opera show was presented to the European audience. Famous for its beauty of dress and tune, Kunqu Opera is a treasure of traditional Chinese art and was listed by UNESCO as one of the Human Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage Masterpieces.


Led by 3 top-class actors; Wei Chunrong, Shao Tianshuai and Shao Yong, the artists presented a wonderful performance of classic repertories including Peony Pavilion, Youyuan Dream, White Snake and Water Man Mountain, bringing a panoramic experience of the singing, dance and martial arts of Kunqu Opera.

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