Pro-Brexit protesters march to London

Pro-Brexit protesters march to London
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Braving rain and mud, pro-Brexit protesters left Sunderland in the North-East of England on Saturday for a long march to London.  
They will reach London on the 29th of March, which is in theory the date the UK will leave the EU. 

The Parliament and the government “think they can walk all over us, but we will march to them and tell them that whatever tricks they try and pull, we will beat them again”, MEP Nigel Farage told the crowd. Mr Farage is the former leader of the Euro-sceptic UKIP party and vice-President of the “Leave means Leave” movement, which organised the protest march. 

The first part of the march travelled along the North Sea coast. A hundred people then headed towards Hartlepool, about thirty miles away. “We’ll keep the rhythm going!”, Steve Coward told two men who were helping him carry a large banner calling for a no-deal Brexit. A no-deal would mean a brutal break with the EU. 

British MPs voted against this scenario and for a delay to Brexit this week. There will be another vote on the current deal with the EU before Wednesday, even though this deal has already been rejected twice. 

The walk has around twenty stages and there will be three hours of walking a day until the 29th of March.  walking a day until the 29th of March. 

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