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    Ten citizen proposals to reinvent Europe

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Ten concrete citizen proposals to reinvent Europe were presented to the European Parliament in Brussels on Friday.
    They are all the result of the “WeEuropeans” project, the biggest citizen consultation project ever organised. 1.5 million people took part. The proposals are about, among other things, recycling waste, multinational company tax and education and research. 

    The WeEuropeans project was launched across 27 countries and in 24 languages. It asked European citizens a very specific question: “what are concrete measures we can take to reinvent Europe?” In total, 1.5 million European citizens voted for 270 proposals. 

    The Belgian population voted for ten proposals. These were aimed at fighting planned obsolescence, combatting wastage and over-packaging, stopping “tax gifts to multinational companies”, revising the agricultural policy (CAP) to promote local family farms, focusing on short channels and saving money by reducing politician’s salaries. 

    On a wider scale, ten communal proposals from member states have emerged as a “European Agenda” and were presented during the WeEuropeans summit on Friday.  

    The final ten proposals included a European recycling program, banning anyone who has committed a crime (tax evasion, for example) from working in the public sector, protecting forests, stopping tax gifts for multinational companies (proposal drawn up by a 24-year-old Brussels resident), investing in education, protecting worker’s rights in the EU, coordinating the banning of chemical substances (especially in the food industry), supporting renewable energy projects in towns, making European agreements more transparent and ensuring all EU citizens have access to health care via a “European Health Card”. 

    European parties and their leaders have been invited to look at and talk about these ten proposals before the European elections, to give them the chance to offer solutions or alternatives. 

    Andy Sanchez
    The Brussels Times