The EU strengthens its diplomatic presence in the Gulf

The EU strengthens its diplomatic presence in the Gulf
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The EU opened on Sunday a diplomatic a representation in Kuwait, its third delegation in the Gulf. 

The EU is strengthening its presence in the Gulf at a time when tensions in the Middle East are running high.

The Gulf has been hit by a series of crises that could escalate due to the tension between Iran and the US and its regional allies, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

There are now three EU delegations in the Gulf: the one in Riyadh has existed since 2004 and the one in Abu Dhabi has been in place since 2013. 

“What happens in the Gulf is important for Europe and what happens in Europe is important for the Gulf,” head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini said when opening the new EU delegation in Kuwait. 

“This is also sending a message to the whole region: the EU is increasing its presence in the Middle East and its commitment to the region. Kuwait has been a mediator and force for peace during this time of international and regional tension, which makes them a natural partner," added Mogherini.

The ceremony was attended by her Kuwaiti counterpart Sheikh Sabah al-Khaled Al-Sabah. 

Kuwait has maintained a good relationship with Iran, unlike Riyadh and Abu Dhabi which have links to Brussels and Washington. Kuwait was the first Gulf country to sign a cooperation agreement with EU diplomats back in 2016.

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