Belgians love their daily fruits and vegetables

Belgians love their daily fruits and vegetables

One-third of Europeans above the age of 15 years do not eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, but in Belgium that rate drops to 16.1%, the lowest in the entire European Union (EU), Eurostat reported on Friday, based on 2014 figures. The European statistical office found that 71.2% of Belgians ate one to four portions of fruit and vegetables per day, the highest rate in the EU, where the average was 51.4%, while 12.7% of Belgians ate five portions or more, slightly below the EU average of 14.1%.

According to Eurostat, the percentage of persons aged 15 years or more who ate at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day was 33.1% in the United Kingdom, 25.9% in Denmark and 25% in the Netherlands. The lowest rates were registered in Roumania (3.5%), Bulgaria (4.4%), Croatia (7.0%), Austria (7.2%), Slovenia (7.5%) and Greece (7.8%).

Eurostat also found that the consumption of fruits and vegetables in EU countries was higher among highly educated persons than those with lower levels of education, a trend also observed in Belgium.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily consumption of at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetables, excluding potatoes and other starchy root vegetables.

(Source : Belga)

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