New European hour record set by Norwegian Sondre Moen

New European hour record set by Norwegian Sondre Moen
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Norwegian athelete Sondre Moen set a new European hourly record on Friday, running 21.132 kilometers on the Kristiansand track in Norway.

The previous European record was 20.944 km, held by Dutchman Jos Hermans since 1 May 1976.

The Belgian record is even older. It still belongs to the legendary Gaston Roelants with 20,784 km set in September, 1972 at the Heysel stadium in Brussels. At the time, it was the world record.

The current world record is held by Ethiopian Haile Gebreselassie with 21.285 km, which he ran performance on 27 June, 2007.

Briton Mo Farah will try to beat this new record on 4 September in Brussels on the occasion of the 44th Van Damme Memorial.

Bashir Abdi, the current Belgian marathon record holder, will also compete in the same race with a great opportunity to set at least a new national Belgian record.

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