Brussels Nature Run to be held end of May

Brussels Nature Run to be held end of May
Photo by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

A Brussels Nature Run is being organised for the end of May as part of Belgium’s Nature Trail Series, a collection of green running events across the country designed to carry runners through the country’s greenspaces.

“During these Nature Trails you walk through the most beautiful places of nature in our country,” Sport BE, who organises the trail runs, explained on their website. “Put on your trail shoes and discover the Belgian forests and meadows in a unique way!”

The Brussels Nature Run’s start and finish are in Jette, at Gemeentelijke Basisschool Poelbos.

“Everyone knows the Sonian Forest, but Brussels is much more than that,” explained the organisation. “The Nature Trail Series went looking for an even more beautiful part of Brussels and found it in the surroundings of Jette.”

The route was designed by VRT journalist and runner Tim Verheyden, who goes running several times a week in the green surroundings of Jette and the Brabant Kouters.

“It is fascinating how quickly you are away from the world and the busy city and find yourself in a green biotope and among the fields. Hops are also grown there for the local beer Houblons de Bruxelles,” said Verheyden.

The route also passes through the Laarbeek forest, which covers 34 hectares and is the largest forest area in the north of the Brussels Capital Region.

“Here you can still see the outline of the spot where a Gallo-Roman villa once stood,” Verheyden said.

“And once you cross the hidden tunnel under the Brussels outer ring road, you discover the fields where millions of sprouts are grown. Supplemented by footpaths and hills, this will be a tough trail.”

Registration is possible as of NOW! What a gem: the brand new Brussels Nature Run takes you from Jette through the phenomenal nature surrounding our capital.

Brussels Minister Sven Gatz welcomed the new nature run.

“Getting back to ‘normal life' is something we all need and long for,” Gatz said. “The Brussels Nature Run on 29 and 30 May gives us a first and very concrete opportunity to look forward to.”

Runners and walkers can choose a 9, 16 or 26 km run on the last Saturday and Sunday of May, and registration is online.

Current coronavirus measures will be taken into consideration, and participants will start the run in waves between 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM, in order to ensure sufficient distance between one another.

The number of starting places per wave is limited.

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