80% of Flemish people cycle, more than in Wallonia and Brussels

80% of Flemish people cycle, more than in Wallonia and Brussels

In Flanders, 76% of people aged 18 or over cycle from time to time. That’s twice as many as in Brussels and Wallonia (39%), according to a study by the automobile club VAB. They asked 2,000 Belgians, and presented their study to Courtrai on Saturday.

Only 6% of Walloons and 6% of Brussels people cycle more than 2,000km a year, compared to 17% in the North of the country. The main difference between the regions is that Flemish people don’t just use their bike to relax, but also to do the shopping (54%) and to go to work (28%). More than 80% of Flemish people asked said they own a town bike, whereas people in Brussels and Wallonia prefer sports and all terrain bikes.

Electric bikes are also used less in the South (4% of cyclists) than in the North (6%).

The study also shows that this type of bike does not cause more accidents than classic bikes. According to VAB data, 12% of electric bike users had an accident over the last three years, compared to 16% of town bike users. The incidents are mainly caused by people not being able to handle this type of bike (41%): loss of balance (25%) or a too sudden change in direction to avoid an obstacle (16%).

Finally, 80% of people contacted said they felt that designated bike lanes, like the RAVeL, are safe.

(Source: Belga)

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