Single sanction for anti-Defour tifo

Single sanction for anti-Defour tifo

Only one official report was dealt with by the football cell of the Home Office in the case of the anti-Defour tifo displayed during the Standard-Anderlecht game on January 25th, the Home Office spokesperson announced on Wednesday, confirming the information published by La Dernière Heure (DH) that same morning. During the Standard-Anderlecht game on January 25th, the Ultra Inferno, a group of Liège supporters, displayed a tifo of a beheaded Steven Defour (former Standard player).

“In actual fact, only one official report was filed by Liège police. It was dealt with by the Home Office’s football cell and the case is now closed”, stated the Home Office spokesperson, who refused to divulge the sanction given to the only supporter whose name was on the document. DH said that this supporter is the person in charge of the Ultra Inferno group. He chose to bear sole responsibility for the event. The daily stated that he was sentenced to an 8-month stadium ban and fined 400 euros.

The football cell stated the man was sanctioned for “his role as leader of the Ultra Inferno organised group and for organizing and participating in the display in the stadium of a banner inciting to hatred and violence”. The President of Standard Liège also told RTBF that specific measures had been taken against this supporter group, in particular with regards to their stadium access when preparing events.

(Source: Belga) 

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