The Belgian Union has applied to test video refereeing

The Belgian Union has applied to test video refereeing

The Belgian Football Union (URBSFA) has applied to test video assistance while refereeing matches with video coverage. Paul Allaerts, the head of the Refereeing Bureau, and Ludwig Sneyers, the CEO of the Pro league, confirmed it while talking to the Belga Agency on Friday. “We are waiting for the management bodies of the IFAB (International Football Association Board)”, said Allaerts.

“The Belgian Football Union has been interested in the evolution of football for years, and this has become highly influenced by technology. In collaboration with the Pro League, we have applied to test video refereeing”, Allaerts added.

Video refereeing will not be linked to refereeing on the pitch for these tests. “This is the long term objective, but for now video assistance will not influence the match”, explained Allaerts.

The use of video refereeing will be top of the agenda during the IFAB’s yearly General Assembly in Cardiff on the 5th of March.

“Before we start video refereeing alongside the match referee, the IFAB must make a few things clear. Who will make the decisions? When and under what circumstances will they use video assistance? Who will have final responsibility? The IFAB must make these things clear and adapt the rules before we can use it live”, Allaerts said.

The URBSFA, like the Netherlands and Germany, has applied to test video refereeing offline until the IFAB makes a definitive decision.

(Source: Belga)

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