The Belgian Football Union loses 4.6 million euros

The Belgian Football Union loses 4.6 million euros

The Belgian Football Union lost 4.6 million euros last quarter (31st June 2014 to 31st December 2015). This was announced by the Executive committee during an assembly on Friday evening.

Over 18 months, the Belgian Football Union made 67.7 million euros, but spent 72.3 million euros. That makes a total loss of 4.6 million euros. They had expected a loss of 3.6 million euros, due to 2 million euros of restructuration costs, so it’s a little more than expected.

François De Keersmacker explained that the balance wasn’t very good due to the cost of ongoing operations, and the added cost of moving a warm up match against France from home to away, at the coach’s request. There was also the cost of cancelling a friendly against Spain because of a terrorist threat.

The Red Devils cost the Belgian Union around 9.2 million euros, but earned it nearly 14 million euros. Organising the different competitions, like the Jupiler Pro League, costs the Federation 16.4 million euros, but earns them a return of 2 million euros.

“On a financial level, we are currently in a transition period, with the conclusion of many operations. There have been staff changes, and we have a new CEO (Koen De Brabander). There have been several audits to try and make the federation more efficient. As well as the Euro in France, which should bring in 2 million euros, we have several other things in place to help cover the loss”.

(Source: Belga)

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