Biggest skate park in Brussels threatened with closure

Biggest skate park in Brussels threatened with closure
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The biggest skate park in Brussels, Planet Park, is threatened with closure after a study by the new owner of the site where it is located found that the building had substantial stability problems that placed the safety of its users at risk. However, Planet Park’s president says the stability problems affect only a part of the site that is not in use. Planet Park, run by a non-profit association, was created in 2015 on the site of an abandoned factory. The site, which measures about 25,000 m2, is located in Brussels’ Cureghem neighbourhood. The park has over 3,000 registered members, including lovers of roller skates, skateboarding and BMX bikes.  

In February last, the Société de Logement de la Région bruxelloise (SLRB – Brussels Region Housing Company) bought the site, on which it plans to build 397 public housing units, two schools and activities that will occupy about 14,600m2 of the location.

To verify whether Planet Park’s contract with the former proprietor could be extended, SLRB did a stability study on the site. Following the study, the housing company observed “that the buildings present considerable problems of stability” and asked Planet Park to vacate the premises.

Planet Park’s president, Anthony Aymard, denies the stability problems which, he says, are belied by a counter-expertise. Only an unused part of the building is stable, he says.

Following the audit on the stability of the building, the SLRB obtained a demolition order from Anderlecht municipality. Planet Park submitted an urgent appeal to the Council of State, but Belgium’s supreme administrative court threw out the appeal on August 2.

In the meantime, the SLRB has initiated legal proceedings to have the non-profit group vacate the premises as quickly as possible. A decision is expected on Friday.

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