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Nafi Thiam beats the world heptathlon high jump record

Credit: Belga

Nafi Thiam beat the world heptathlon high jump record during the Decastar heptathlon event in Talence, France, on Saturday. 

The Olympic champion managed to clear 2.02m on her first try. No-one had ever jumped that high during a heptathlon before. Her previous record was 2.01m. 

Thiam started with jumps at 1.84m, 1.87m, 1.90m, 1.93, 1.96m and 1.99m: she cleared all of those on her first try too. 

After clearing 2.02m, Thiam tried but failed to beat the Belgian high jump record of 2.05m, set by Tia Hellebaut. 

Thiam was 7cm off Bulgarian athlete Stefka Kostadinova’s world record. 

The Brussels Times