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Summer in Brussels – Blog 2

Urban photography: art that looks good enough to eat: bike-powered movies – summer in Brussels #2 Five exhibitions not to miss

This week, we bring you a guide to the exhibitions we think you should see this summer if you are around in Brussels. They range from masterpieces of photorealism at the Musée d’Ixelles to postwar paintings from both sides of the Iron Curtain at Bozar. Plus, a controversial photographer looks at homeless lives in Brussels.

Photorealism: 50 years of Hyperrealistic Painting

Summer cycling in Brussels

We’d also like to encourage you to take a bike ride through the city this summer when the streets are less busy with car traffic. We have put together a special feature on cycling in the city that covers the everyday practicalities of getting a puncture fixed to the surprising places you can reach on an urban bike ride.

Tip #2

This week we suggest that you take a look at the strange pop-up structure AuRetour next to La Chapelle train station. Designed by the Brussels-based Dear Pigs collective, the 12-metre-high tower looks out on the main railway line. The top level of the tower is occupied by the Hôtel des Plantes, or Plant Hotel, where locals can leave their houseplants to be watered while they are on holiday.

Until August 5 

By Derek Blyth 
The Brussels Times