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Summer in Brussels #7

Eat your fries in an old city tram : the best place to eat stoemp : what to see in the new pedestrian zone : coming up in September – summer in Brussels #7 THE BEST FRIES IN TOWN

Everyone knows that Belgian fries are the best in the world. But what makes them special and where do you go in Brussels to find the best fries? We find out the secret of good fries and wait patiently in line at Maison Antoine to find out if they really do make the best fries in the world. 


Brussels is a city that takes great care when it comes to food and drink. It’s famous as a city of beer, chocolate, fries and waffles. But where do you go to eat the best of Belgian food in the city? We have put together a guide to a few reliable places where you can find the best roast coffee, the tastiest North Sea mussels and the finest range of Belgian beers.


It hasn’t been easy to create a pedestrian zone along the central boulevards. But it looks like Brussels has finally settled on a plan. Not as extensive as some would like, but still an impressive achievement. We take you on a tour of some of the places that lie within the new car-free zone, including a gorgeous Italian café, a serious record store and a bar that brings inspiring indie bands into town.


Is Brussels the new Berlin? When we asked this question earlier in the summer, many of our readers rejected the idea. But maybe they just haven’t found the galleries and artist spaces dotted around the city, sometimes in unexpected places. Many are open during the ninth Brussels Gallery Weekend, a four-day event from 8 to 11 September organised by 30 contemporary art galleries. The galleries occupy some of the city’s most inspiring spaces, including a former publishing house, an abandoned 1970s shopping centre and a former ice skating rink. Other events are being organised at more than a dozen cultural venues, like Bozar, Wiels and La Loge.