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Yemen separatists declare self governance in southern Yemen

Yemen separatists, at war with government forces since 2014, have declared autonomy for a region in the south of the country on Sunday, breaking the peace deal with the government and claiming control of the regional capital of Aden.

The separatists accused the government of not having fulfilled its obligations and of “conspiring” against the cause of the South, and declared autonomy Saturday night.

The Southern Transitional Council (STC), in a statement early on Sunday, declared a state of emergency and said it would “self-govern” the key southern port city of Aden and other southern provinces.

The separatists in southern Yemen, who have long been seeking independence, signed a power-sharing agreement in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in November.

However, the pact quickly collapsed, due to not applying certain key measures on time, notably the formation of a new government including representatives from the southern separatists, as well as the reorganization of the military.

The Brussels Times