Germany mulls increasing Covid measures ahead of ‘difficult winter’
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Germany mulls increasing Covid measures ahead of ‘difficult winter’

Angela Merkel at the European Council Summit meeting in July, 2020

The German government wants to strengthen coronavirus measures to combat the spread in the country, according to a leaked document.

A draft resolution seen by the DPA agency on Monday says, for example, that children and young people should be encouraged to see only one friend in their free time.

Families should also limit their meetings to people in their own household and only one other person from another household.

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In the public spaces, a household should limit itself to meeting only two people from another household.

The proposal also calls for the avoidance of private parties until Christmas. Since 2 November, only members of two households are allowed to meet in public, with a high maximum of 10 people per meeting.

Anyone with even mild symptoms, such as coughing or a runny nose, must quarantine at home immediately, it adds. This version of the rules also advocates that social distance measures should be reinforced in the school environment.

On Saturday, halfway through the month-long nationwide confinement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned of a difficult winter ahead.

The Brussels Times