Over a million Covid-19 deaths recorded in Europe so far

Over a million Covid-19 deaths recorded in Europe so far
Illustration image from 2020. Credit: Belga

Over a million people in Europe have died as a result of the coronavirus, according to figures by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Thursday.

Every week, 1.6 million more people are infected, according to the organisation.

According to Hans Kluge, Regional Director for Europe at the WHO, the number of infections is beginning to fall in several European countries, especially among the oldest inhabitants, as they are most often the ones who are vaccinated.

Responding to the recent concerns about blood clots, Kluge also said that a coronavirus infection is more likely to cause blood clots than an AstraZeneca vaccination.

"There should be no doubt that the AstraZeneca vaccine is effective in reducing hospital admissions and deaths," he said, adding that the WHO recommends its use for all adults.

Worldwide, over three million Covid-19 deaths have been recorded, according to a census by the American John Hopkins University.

The American continent is the hardest hit, followed by Europe, according to the university. Within the American continent, the United States, Brazil and Mexico have recorded the highest number of deaths.

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