Record 38°C temperature in the Arctic confirmed

Record 38°C temperature in the Arctic confirmed
Verkhoyansk, Credit: Wikimedia

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on Tuesday recognised the record temperature of 38° Celsius for the Arctic.

The temperature was recorded in the Russian city of Verkhoyansk on 20 June, 2020, and marks another “warning signal on climate change” Belga News Agency reports, quoting a source from WMO.

“This new Arctic record is one of several observations reported to the WMO’s archive of Weather and Climate Extremes, a UN agency that reports changes in our climate,” UN secretary-general, Petteri Taalas, said adding that Antarctica also saw a record 18.3°C on the same year.

The city of Verkhoyansk is situated about 115 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and temperatures have been measured there since 1885.

According to recent reports, the Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else in the world and is experiencing an intensity in the loss of sea ice.

“This survey highlights [the observation] of rising temperatures in a region that is important to the rest of the world from a climate perspective” and it is therefore important to monitor it continuously, said Randall Cerveny, WMO’s rapporteur on climate and weather extremes.

WMO is also trying to “verify a temperature of 54.4°C, recorded in 2020 and 2021 in the hottest place on Earth, Death Valley in California, and also confirm a new European heat record of 48.8°C reached in Sicily this summer,” Taalas said.

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