A Belgian amongst IS suicide bombers in Ramadi (Irak)

A Belgian amongst IS suicide bombers in Ramadi (Irak)

IS launched a series of coordinated attacks in the Iraqi city of Ramadi (western Iraq) on Wednesday, including 7 suicide attacks with car bombs, say local police. Among the suicide bombers were a Belgian, a Syrian and a jihadist from Caucasia, according to information posted on pro-IS social media pages. At least 10 people died according to initial police and hospital reports. “At approximately 7:00am this morning (5:00am in Belgium), IS launched 7 suicide bombings in the following neighbourhoods – Hawz, Malaab, Toi, Albou Faraj and Albou Eitha,” said police officer Moustafa Samir, adding that the suicide bombers drove armoured American Humvees.

Ramadi, provincial capital of strategically located Al-Anbar region, served as a base for jihadist attacks in Iraq. Jihadists invaded the city over a year ago, long before their dramatic headway in June. For months now Iraqi forces have been trying to push them out of the city, but have not managed to, and are regularly targeted from there.

According to police authorities, violent incidents broke out after the suicide attacks and the main local government building was under mortar fire.

(Source: Belga)

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