A 2,850 euro a night suite for the Mexican president at the Sofitel in Brussels

Information from MexicoLeaks relayed by the Aristegui Noticias newspaper has caused uproar in Mexico. The Mexican government has reserved 37 rooms at the Sofitel in Brussels, for a total of 52,000 euros. They have been reserved for the summit between European heads of State and their South American and Caribbean counterparts. The summit will take place from the 9th to the 12th of June. MexicoLeaks has found a bill sent by the Sofitel for the reservation of 37 rooms. The 132 metre suite reserved for the Mexican president Enrique Pena Neto costs 2,850 euros a night. The whole of the 7th floor has been reserved for the Mexican delegation. According to Aristegui Noticias, the Mexican embassy in Brussels has simply said that the president will “probably” attend the summit. He did attend the 2013 summit in Santiago, Chili. The Sofitel hotel has refused to comment, as has the Mexican government. It is also probable that some of the 37 rooms have been reserved for journalists.

In 2007, a rule was introduced limiting members of the public administration to spending 450 euros a day per person for trips to Europe. However, an exception can be made for Federal administration staff. The reservation has been made in the name of Osvaldo Trejo Carvajal, who is a member of the presidential staff.

Also, as the trip is shorter than 7 days, the president only has to tell the Senate what he spends, without having to ask for authorisation beforehand.  During the previous summit in Chili, Mexico spent 161,247 dollars (146,456 euros), travelling expenses included.

(Source: Belga)

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