Belgium still most highly congested European Country

Belgium still most highly congested European Country

Belgium remains the worst congested of all of the European countries, ahead of the Netherlands and Germany, according to the annual Traffic Scorecard report which was published on Monday by American traffic information services provider, Inrix. Drivers wasted on average 51 hours in traffic on Belgian roads in 2014 (58 hours in 2013), whilst on Dutch and German roads they spent 41 hours (4 fewer than in 2013) and 39 hours (4 more than in 2013).
Of the thirteen countries studied as part of this report, over half (53%) saw increased traffic congestion in 2014, compared to 2013, a trend which reflects the increased economic growth. Conversely, for countries with a higher unemployment rate and little or negative growth, 2014 figures were lower than those recorded in 2013.

Traffic has increased since 2013 in almost half (48%) of 94 European cities, London coming out in front with travelling time reaching 96 hours (+14). Barcelona was the unlucky winner of the annual increase in congestion, recording a 66% increase in travelling time (from 15 hours in 2013 to 25 hours in 2014). This prize went to Brussels in 2013, but happily, the city was demoted to second place in 2014. Indeed, motorists spend ‘only’ 74 hours in traffic last year, compared to 83 in 2013. Antwerp also slipped down the ranking, from 3rd to 4th place with 64 hours travelling time (-14), just behind Cologne (65 hours). Ghent was 9th (52 hours, -2), ahead of the Netherlands and Germany.

(Source: Belga) 

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