Brussels third richest region in the EU by GDP per capita

Brussels third richest region in the EU by GDP per capita
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Brussels is the third richest region in the European Union measured in terms of GDP per capita in 2014.
So indicates Eurostat, the European Office for Statistics, in a news release on Friday. Eurostat put the GDP per capita in the Brussels region at 62,900 euros in 2014, thus positioning it at 207% of the average of the 276 regions analysed by Eurostat. Inner London – West in the UK tops the bill with a GDP per capita of 539% of the average. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg holds second place with 266%.

21 regions have a GDP per capita greater than at least 50% of the EU average: five were located in Germany, three in the Netherlands, three in the United Kingdom, two in Austria, one in Belgium, one in the Czech Republic, one in Denmark, one in Ireland, one in France, one in Slovakia, one in Sweden, as well as one in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, note Eurostat.

The regions having the lowest GDP per capita were the French overseas territory Mayotte, Yuzhen tsentralen (32%) as well as Severen tsentralen (34%) in Bulgaria and the Nord-Est region in Romania (34%).

(Source: Belga)

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