Palestinian-Israeli peace process: Belgium must join in the French initiative

Following their mission in Palestine and Israel, the Belgian parliamentarians, who are members of the Belgian-Palestinian Inter-Parliamentary Union section, are calling upon the Belgian government to join in the French initiative, which is aiming to “put the peace process back on track.”
To this end, a resolution will be laid before parliament, assert a group of MPs, being Gwenaëlle Grovonius (the Socialist Party) Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD - a Liberal party) Brigitte Grouwels (CD&V - the Christian Democrat party) Jean-Marc Nollet (Belgian Green party) David Clarinval (MR - Francophone Liberals) and Piet De Bruyn (New Flemish Alliance).

“All eyes are currently on Syria. Resolving the Israeli-Palestian conflict has been placed on the international back burner.” However, there is a major urgency. Indeed by intensifying its colonial policy, Israel is piercing the state of Palestine through and through. Soon the two-state solution will have become impossible to implement on the ground. We must act before reaching the point of no-return,” Belgian MPs are once again writing whilst demanding “full respect for international obligations and human rights.”

At the end of January, France announced its will to swiftly relaunch its plan for an international conference to “revive the two-state solution” in Israel and Palestine.

(Source: Belga)

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