Brussels attacks: Abrini British police informant

Brussels attacks: Abrini British police informant

Mohamed Abrini is the the first Islamic State informant (known as a “Supergrass”) for the British anti-terrorist police. The Sudpresse group is reporting this today (Monday), taking up information which appeared in The Sunday Times yesterday.

The Sunday Times says that the so-called “the man in the hat” from the attacks at Brussels Airport has helped British police officers to gather information, upon both assumed terror plots and jihad supporters in the United Kingdom.

By doing so, he has thus in a way changed sides, Sudpresse is indicating.

In addition, “after secret negotiations between England and Belgium, the Brussels investigators asked questions supplied by the British authorities,” The Sunday Times continues.

In British jargon, a “Supergrass” is an informer who, in exchange for important information implicating a large number of individuals, may then expect immunity from prosecution, even possibly a more lenient sentence or a fresh identity.

Abrini is currently being remanded in custody in Bruges prison. On Thursday, the Brussels Criminal Appeal Court enforced the European arrest warrant issued by the French judicial authorities against him.

(Source: Belga)

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