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Merkel-Hollande Brexit meeting this week

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Merkel and Hollande are to meet on Thursday to hammer out a joint EU approach for Bratislava.
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The German Chancellor Angela Merkel will go to Paris on Thursday for a “harmonisation” meeting with the French President François Hollande, on the eve of the European Union Post-Brexit summit in Bratislava. The Chancellor’s spokesman made this announcement yesterday (Monday).

Merkel’s spokesman detailed, “This meeting should iron out any differences and allow for the harmonisation of the Franco-German position, before the informal summit on the future development of the European Union on Friday.”

Her spokesman further said, “The summit will take place on September 16th in Bratislava,” bringing together the 27 remaining countries wishing to remain in the EU.

The Élysée Palace has stated that the Franco-German meeting will take place at 12.30 p.m. local time on Thursday to be followed by a working lunch.

In view of this stimulus European Union Post-Brexit summit, taking place three months after the vote for Brexit, France and Germany have prepared joint proposals to make European Defence both more “reactive” and “efficient”.

The proposals were drafted at the request of Hollande and Merkel and addressed to the Head of European Diplomacy, Federica Mogherini.

The two leaders took this step from the sidelines of the NATO Summit in July in Warsaw, and will present these issues for informal consideration on Friday.

The aim of the Bratislava summit is to provide impulse to revive Europe in several spheres (including those of defence, security, investment and the youth).

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