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Study day on global exploitation of women

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The problem of global exploitation of women is rife
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The Egmont Palace has today (Tuesday) been home to an international conference devoted to “the growing threat of the treatment of women, sexual exploitation and protection: protecting women’s rights and ending violence.” The conference was jointly organised by the Council for French-speaking women in Belgium and the Institute for Female Equality.

This conference has brought together political leaders, such as the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Didier Reynders, the Budget Minister, Sophie Wilmès, and the Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities, Elke Sleurs – as well as experts in the fight against human trafficking.

The day has been divided into three workshops.

The first focused on the gender dimension of human trafficking, using a victim and human rights-based approach.

The second tackled different strategies and European approaches to fight against prostitution exploitation by criminal networks.

Finally, the third focused on programme strategies attempted by exploitation victims, with actual testimonials from sector players.

“Prostitution remains for us a form of violation of human rights,” stressed Magda De Meyer, President of the Institute for Female Equality.

She went on,“We wish to create a society with greater equality, more justice and less violence.”

The President for the council for French-speaking women, Viviane Teitelbaum said, “Fighting against social fraud is to fight against the treatment of human beings.”

Didier Reynders for his part recalled the commitments of Belgium to fight against human trafficking.

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