Trump believes that “other countries” will “leave the EU” after Brexit

Trump believes that “other countries” will “leave the EU” after Brexit

The American President-elect, Donald Trump has used the world's media to heap his usual raft of kind words upon the world. He believes, in an interview given to The Times which hit the media on Sunday, that the consequences of Brexit may possibly include other countries leaving the European Union in the future. The reason for this is the migration crisis.

Trump indicated, “I do believe...if [the UK] hadn't been forced to take in all of the refugees...with all of the problems that that wouldn't have a Brexit.”

The President-elect also said, “Countries want their own identity [as] the UK wanted its own identity.”

Trump, who will be officially inaugurated as President on 20th January (this Friday), applauded the UK's decision to leave the EU.

The President-elect announced that he wished to get a trade deal done “quickly” with the UK. After taking office, Trump will “swiftly” meet with the Prime Minister Theresa May, revealing that she has already written to him. She has requested a meeting, sending by way of a present, a copy of Winston Churchill's speech to the American people, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

Although the United Kingdom is entitled to high esteem from Trump at the moment, Angela Merkel was criticised for her handling of the refugee crisis. The businessman considers that German Chancellor “made a catastrophic taking all of these illegal migrants.”

He mentioned the recent attack on the Berlin Christmas Market as one of the effects of this approach. In total, Gemany had a record number of 890,000 asylum seekers in 2015, a figure which reduced to 280,000 in 2016, following the significant tightening up of its government's policy on immigration.

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