A cycle trip to support Lake Kivu’s coffee producers

A cycle trip to support Lake Kivu’s coffee producers

Around a hundred Belgian doctors, bankers, journalists, top athletes, entrepreneurs, diplomats and lawyers will fly to Lake Kivu (on the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda) on Sunday evening. They will jump on their bikes on Tuesday and do a 170 kilometre trip between Bukavu and Goma. The aim is to raise money for the Non-governmental organisation Comequi, which supports Lake Kivu residents.

The “Bike for Comequi” trip was organised to raise at least 200,000 euros to construct a new coffee washing station just North of the town of Minova (Congo). The organisers succeeded, as they raised 300,000 euros before they even left.

20 teams of three to six people managed to raise more than 10,000 euros, the minimum required to take part. Athletics trainer Jacques Borlée and journalists Colette Braeckman and Christophe Lamfalussy took part.

Every team will have the chance to earn the right to place the first stone of the new sponsored construction during the trip.

Comequi has worked to give the rural population living on the edge of Lake Kivu the means to sustainably develop themselves to increase their revenue and improve their living conditions since it was founded in 2008.

(Source: Belga)

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