International Plastic Free Day: WWF launches campaign against plastic pollution

International Plastic Free Day: WWF launches campaign against plastic pollution

With 3 July being the international Plastic Free Day, environmental NGO World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has launched an on-line campaign to encourage Belgians to reduce their single-use plastic as much as possible.

"Everyone has a part to play in stopping the plastic invasion, from producers and governments to consumers," WWF announce, giving three practical tips to put into practice on a daily basis.

First of all, the NGO advises the public to move away from plastic bottles and instead use reusable ones. When ordering in restaurants, consumers are encouraged to order drinks without a plastic straw. Finally, the NGO pleads consumers to reusable bags when grocery shopping.

The public is also invited to sign an international petition calling for a binding global agreement to deal with the global plastic waste crisis.

The WWF also announced it had received a fund of 1 million euros to support projects in the Mediterranean with the aim of bringing an end to invasive fishing techniques that rake international seabeds and to also put in place a consortium of six islands and seaside resorts that will have all plastic banned by 2021.

In this context, the WWF's sailing ship, Blue Panda, left Toulon in France on May 29 for a six-month journey across the Mediterranean. The ship will stop at several European and North African ports to raise public awareness of ocean biodiversity and the negative impact of pollution, plastic waste and over-exploitation.

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