Second British police officer contaminated with neurotoxic agent

Second British police officer contaminated with neurotoxic agent
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A second British policeman has been slightly contaminated with the neurotoxic agent Novichok, used last year against a former Russian double agent, the British police disclosed on Thursday.

According to detectives from the British Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) network, traces of the neurotoxic agent were found in blood samples taken from a police officer who had shown signs of exposure to it at the time of the attack on former double agent Sergueï Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

It is a “very small” dose and the officer, who has requested anonymity, continues to receive support from the Salisbury police, according to a press release.

The Skripals went into a coma after coming into contact with Novichok on 4 March 2018 in Salisbury, in the south of England.

They both survived, but a resident of the area, Dawn Sturgess, died after spraying herself with what she thought was perfume.

The substance was contained in a bottle that had no doubt served to transport the Novichok from Russia, according to investigators.

Another policeman had been severely contaminated at the Skripals’ home and had to be hospitalised.

London has requested Moscow to extradite two presumed members of the Russian intelligence service, GRU, suspected of carrying out the attack on the orders of the Kremlin. However, Moscow denies any involvement.

The CTP said the investigation was being pursued and that it was continuing to fit together the pieces of the puzzle.

The investigators are looking in particular for persons who may have seen a fake bottle of Nana Ricci perfume between the time when the Skripals were poisoned and the moment when Dawn Sturgess’ partner picked it up in a park and gave it to her.

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