Belgian tourist’s murder attempt in Italy prevented by own son
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Belgian tourist’s murder attempt in Italy prevented by own son

Credit: Belga

A Belgian teenager averted a murder by calling the cops on his father after he caught him beating and strangling his girlfriend while the group was on holidays in northern Italy.

The teen called Italian authorities after he found out his father, a 55-year-old Belgian, had locked up his 25-year-old girlfriend in a room and was beating her up, according to reports on Belgian media on Wednesday.

The man reportedly attempted to kill his girlfriend by strangling her, with additional reports in Italian media saying police were trying to determine if he had also beat her with the handle of an axe.

The incident took place on Monday in an apartment the couple were renting in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, a small town in Italy’s Aosta Valley region, northwest of Milan.

The son’s call allowed police to intervene in time to prevent a tragedy, arresting the Belgian national and transferring his victim to the hospital.

The man’s girlfriend, whose identity has not been disclosed, was badly bruised and injured and her recovery will take around 20 days, according to local media.

The man is currently under custody in a prison in the nearby town of Brissogne, roughly 50 kilometres from the site of the incident.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times